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Helping moms hop off the stressed-parenting hamster wheel is what Dianne Daniels is all about. When kids misbehave, mom yells. Then she feels guilty so she lets her kids push the limits until it goes too far and she yells again, turning the wheel once more. With the heart of a teacher, Dianne gently equips frustrated parents with the skills to stay calm, think strategically, and correct their children with confidence. She guides parents from feelings of desperation to patience, hope, and relief.

As a mother herself, Dianne knows that parents desperately love their children and want to do their very best for their families, but it is easy to get overwhelmed by the day to day responsibilities and challenges. Through her coaching and presentations, Dianne empowers parents to trust God’s guidance, embrace their new-found skills with confidence, and teach their children with heart-changing techniques. The results are more patient parents, better behaved children, and happier families.

Dianne is a certified parent coach and the author of the book, Mothering Like The Father: Following God’s Example In Parenting Young Children. She has also contributed to seven devotional books, including two Chicken Soup for the Soul titles. 

Audiences say they love Dianne’s honesty, humor, and gentle approach. With her practical advice, she inspires change while helping moms feel confident in their ability to be the parents they want to be.

Dianne loves writing and travelling, hates running and vacuuming, and succumbs to peer pressure from her family to tent-camp every summer. 

Meet Dianne Daniels