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Raising Respectful, Responsible, Resilient Kids 

Kids find contentment and freedom when they know how to be respectful, responsible, and resilient. This talk gives moms the tools they need to help their kids master these three Rs so the entire family can truly flourish.

Ask The Parent Coach

Moms always have lots of questions. Take some time to let your group ask about the parenting questions on their hearts and minds. They will get solid, sound answers from a certified parent coach. Parents are sure to walk away with new ideas and peace of mind.

Empowering Patience Retreat

This retreat program can be customized to fit your needs and your schedule. Sessions include hands-on, personalized activities so women take away lessons that are meaningful to them and their unique situations.

Empowering Patience helps women:

  • Identify their personal triggers
  • Develop strategies for hanging on to their patience
  • Understand how schedules and priorities impact their patience
  • Learn what the Bible says about it
  • Realize why it matters and how it impacts their families
  • and much more.

Making Change with Change

Teach your child responsibility and money management skills by using an allowance system that is easy to maintain without chore charts. Learn what allowance system to use at what age, when kids should get paid and when they should help for free, and how to motivate kids to pick up after themselves.

Pearls of Patient Parenting

Virutually every mom can benefit from this heart-to-heart talk about patience, including triggers that make us flip, strategies for hanging on to our sanity, and what to do when we lose it. We will also talk about ways to help our kids learn to be patient. Moms will walk away with practical ideas for keeping their cool, even in the hottest situations.

Patient on Purpose

Learn how to take control and build a vision for your family, then use it in your parenting to stay patient. In this workshop-style presentation, you will also learn how to control your voice, body language, and household environment so home is a more peaceful place for everyone.

Fruity Families

If squabbling, shouting, and nit-picking have become commonplace in your family, especially between your kids, this is the talk for you. By using the Fruit of the Spirit as a foundation for your family, you can expect better behavior from your kids and yourself, more respectful attitudes, and greater enjoyment of family time. Learn strategies for putting the Fruit of the Spirit to work for your family as soon as you get home.

Mothering Like The Father

Our heavenly Father gives us the perfect model for parenting in the way He parents us. We can apply six characteristics He demonstrates to our own child-rearing in order to more closely follow His example. Parents are encouraged to seek God amidst the busyness of raising children in order to remain enthusiastic, hopeful, and renewed.

Leading Little Ones in Prayer

Do you wish you had some creative ideas for teaching kids to pray? Then you'll love this talk on ways to incorporate prayer into everyday activities you do with your child. You'll learn fun strategies for making prayer a natural and meaningful part of life, and how to help kids develop their own relationships with God. 


Most parents get frustrated after asking their kids to do something five or six times before it gets done. This light-hearted talk teaches parents serious skills so they know how to give better instructions that kids actually follow. It also takes parents on a journey through 1 Samuel 3 to help them understand how they follow instructions themselves, especially those from God.

Looking for a speaker for your next event?


Dianne Daniels would love to encourage and support the parents in your group while helping them follow God more closely. Her talks, workshops, and retreats are fun, practical, and encouraging. They are perfect for MOPS groups, preschools, children's/women's ministry events, and more.


For early learning centers and children's ministries, workshops are an easy way to support your parents and demonstrate the value of building a partnership between home, school, and church. Contact Dianne for more information on hosting a workshop for your parents. Topics include: